Notable music industry artists such as Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, Scott Storch, All-American Rejects Tyson Ritter, Eve, The Black Eyed Peas’, among others, are committed to auctioning off custom digital collectibles via the newly established Cryptograph platform to benefit charitable causes, such as Global Wildlife Conservation. The blockchain based digital collectible auction site Cryptograph, which is powered by Ethereum,  features one-of-a-kind music collectibles by these top artists, with Eve’s auction currently underway, and having kicked off with Tom Morello in their music auction block on October 22nd. Today, Tyson Ritter of All American Rejects went live.

Adrien Brody

The recently launched platform is bringing some new innovations to the music industry, with the introduction of their highly anticipated innovative digital auction house which initially kicked off on July 6, 2020.  Cryptograph is creating a name as a market leader in blockchain based digital collectibles, also known as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), featuring digital art and memorabilia from a wide variety of world renowned artists and icons, and now also from top music artists.

Tyson Ritter

Cryptograph is positioned to solve some of the major problems currently plaguing the music industry, primarily giving artists and musicians an opportunity to see more of the value from their work, particularly over the long term.

Music industry producer and songwriter Scott Storch is also participating in the crypto auction platform. (

Scott Storch

 “Cryptograph’s blockchain technology will have huge disruptive implications on many industries including music. Blockchain technology has made it possible for my art and my industry to thrive in an autonomous way, allowing the creative freedom to produce and self-publish art and control the financial long term value that the work generates in an automated, permission-less , secure, transparent and trustless way.” – Scott Storch

“We want Cryptograph to become the world’s leading publishing, auctioning, trading and discovery platform for the new market of collectible digital assets. Giving creators a new way to truly realize the intrinsic value of their work over the long term and giving collectors something special and historical that they truly own. We intend on achieving all of this whilst at the same redefining the way philanthropy is done forever by bringing charitable giving and fundraising into the future.”  – Co-Founding Partner Tommy Alastra

Cryptograph has already successfully launched digital auctions with celebrities, actors, artists and crypto world leaders, inclusive of Vitalik Buterin, Adrien Brody, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Green, Kristin Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, David Arquette, Eve, Retna, Gregory Sif, Alec Monopoly, and others. The auctions have benefitted global conservation efforts to include wildlife and reforestation, Covid-19 relief, education, open source tech, and other incredible causes and organizations.

Cryptograph was founded by a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers who share a joint interest in using technology to do good, including Tommy Alastra, Edouard Bessire, Guillaume Gonnaud, Anthony John Bryan and company CEO Hugo McDonaugh.

Each Cryptograph perpetually supports a charitable cause and each one is initially sold at auction and then traded by collectors on the platform’s secondary market, raising money for charity every time they are transacted. These digital works are unlike anything else currently offered on the blockchain, and they will be auctioned off and traded using Cryptograph’s unique auction system that incentivizes participation.

Cryptograph puts forward a new and unique model for ‘crypto collectibles’ with a sustainably philanthropic business model underpinning their whole platform, which has already rolled out unique creations from top crypto leaders like Vitalik Buterin, Emin Gun Sirer and other celebrity tech innovators like Ashton Kutcher, as well as pop culture icons like Paris Hilton. They continue to position themselves as a new market leader in this ever evolving and exciting young market, now allowing for top music artists to come and use the Cryptograph platform to showcase their talent and creativity in a completely new way. Cryptographs are an entirely new form of collectible that collectors can trade and collect in perpetuity. 

One of the biggest challenges faced today by music artists, in our digital society, is making a financial living off music while still maintaining control over rights and publishing. Royalty rates from streaming platforms like Youtube and even Itunes are fairly low. Spotify yields success if the streams amount, but payouts do not occur for months and it takes heavy playlist rotation to really earn the dollars. This evolving revenue element of the music business continues to be navigated by many artists with the exception of top-selling artists who have big label leaders behind them. It has, however, led many artists to self-publish, in order to control all earnings.

Alastra explains, “Today’s digital content is all based on followers, likes, and views and it is monetized by selling attention (YouTube, Instagram, etc.) or access (Netflix, Pateron, etc.). Now, imagine a world where digital content can be truly owned and digital content can be truly scarce. Each person can have their own collection of unique digital assets that they truly own and that cannot be counterfeited, and people can curate, share and trade/make money directly from these new digital assets thanks to blockchain technology. This new opportunity for digital content is what we at Cryptograph find extremely exciting and the vision of a new digital world where the value of content is not just based on likes and views, but rather real ownership and scarcity is what we are working towards and where we believe the future is. We at Cryptograph want to help build this future and at the same time find a new way of putting philanthropy at the core of all of it.”  

While the Cryptograph platform centers around the concept of using NFTs to benefit charities and provide new revenue streams to creators, it also opens the door for a new forum of music ownership and digitization. Musical artists can use the platform to create new musical works and then publish these works as Cryptographs. They can attach the various commercialization and catalog rights as they choose, directly to the specific Cryptograph token. This revolutionary system of self-publication bypasses the big music distribution oligopolies of today and is combined with the innovative price discovery and trading system of the platform and its unique philanthropic business model. Cryptograph presents a new way for music to be published, bought and sold in a fairer, more secure and more transparent way.  It provides musicians with a whole new avenue to explore, when it comes to publishing and monetizing their work while simultaneously doing good with the charity fundraising element built in.

Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles created by world renowned icons and artists that perpetually support charitable causes. Each Cryptograph is sold at auction and then traded by collectors on the platform’s secondary market, raising money for charity every time they are transacted. These digital artworks are unlike anything else currently offered on the blockchain, and they will be auctioned off and traded using Cryptographs unique auction system that incentivizes participation.

Using smart contract technology to process and automate all transactions in a secure and transparent environment, Cryptograph makes sure that their charity and creator partners will always get a share of the perpetual revenue, not just from the initial auction sale, but also from every single bid and subsequent sale that occurs on the secondary market. This powerful model ensures that the interests of all parties involved in the Cryptograph ecosystem remain forever aligned and that they are continually incentivized to deliver further value over the long term to the community of Cryptograph collectors.

Cryptographs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles created by icons and artists that support good causes forever, founded by a team of entrepreneurs, impact investors and blockchain pioneers that all share a joint passion in using technology to do good. Thanks to blockchain technology, each Cryptograph is 100% owned by the purchaser and cannot be forged or destroyed. A Cryptograph is a digital legacy.  Cryptographs are sold at auction and then traded by collectors on the platform, raising money for good causes every time they are transacted.  The platform makes charitable fundraising easier, instantly global and perpetual in nature.  It offers a new way to do philanthropy in the digital age. |  @cryptographco (Instagram) | @cryptograph (Twitter)