L.A. indie rock band The Neighbourhood today premiered the video for the band’s new single Stargazing. The deluxe edition of the new album, titled Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones, is set for release on Friday, December 18, featuring the new single as a bonus track. 

The video is directed by first generation Syrian American filmmaker Ramez Silyan, known for directing the Lil Peep documentary Everybody’s Everything.

In Stargazing, band frontman Jesse Rutherford assumes the Chrome character, traveling from home to home as if on tour, seeking a receptive party. In his travels, he encounters Jaden Smith, Lana Del Rey, Mac DeMarco, Blake Griffin, and Benny Blanco, and his co-star Devon Lee Carlson.

The video is a companion piece to “Pretty Boy”, also directed by Silyan, which established the Chrome character as a desperate peddler, a literal shiny object, hoping to catch someone’s attention.