NOVAEX Group (NOVAEX) and Magic Castles Incorporated (MCI) have partnered to create a technically forward magic experience for Chinese audiences, blending  the iconic Hollywood institution The Magic Castle with the rich tradition of magic in China.  MCI founder Milt Larsen and NOVAEX CEO Jeson Zheng celebrated the partnership with a special signing ceremony that was held in Beijing earlier today. 

Milt Larsen and Jeson Zheng at Signing Ceremony in Beijing

MCI has granted NOVAEX the exclusive license to use the intellectual property (IP) of The Magic Castle in themed entertainment projects, including indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, hotels, and restaurants in the territory of Greater China, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. 

The deal marks the first time ever MCI has licensed its brand internationally, with the first Magic Castle themed project being developed for NOVAEX’s offline Internet community brand “The Circle” that integrates a five star hotel resort, recreation, catering, natural scenery, luxury shopping  and immersive entertainment that features smart technology (VR, AR, MR, 3D , hologram projection).

Zheng said, “The core values of NOVAEX are to help people discover and recover the bonds of the emotional connection by connecting and blending the virtual and the reality worlds. We created The Circle to blend together technology and experience, and our partnership with Magic Castles Incorporated will allow us to build for our guests a “reality version” of the world of magic.”

Milt Larsen with reporters in Beijing

Larsen commented, “The Magic Castle is an historical venue in Hollywood, and for the first time ever,  we will allow the use of our name outside of the United States. We are looking forward to the creation of this first project together with NOVAEX that will showcase the over 55 year legacy of The Magic Castle and the long history of magic in China.”

Zheng and his team, together with international magical consulting team led by the world famous magician Andrew Goldenhersh, will create a new style of magic experience, with state of the art technology playing a major part in the development.

CEO NOVAEX Jeson Zheng

Larsen added, “With this partnership, we are celebrating a historic event in the world of magic by melding together the centuries old culture of magic in China with  the modern global fascination with the art of magic. I am honored to continue my father’s dream to bring The Magic Castle experience to audiences around the world.”

NOVAEX also plans to build “The Magic School” under the MCI brand banner, to provide a stimulating creative educational experiences for children and teens.

Zheng said, “This long-term collaboration with Magic Castles Incorporated will ensure a memorable magical experience for the Chinese citizens and visitors for many years to come.”