Joyce Chow and Clinton H. Wallace

On June 27, Concrete Dream Film Festival, founded by Rena Riffel, presented the worldwide premiere of “A Mini Movie” co-presented with host actress/model Eugenia Kuzmina and official media partner Indie Entertainment Magazine. The event, held at Ipic Theaters in Westwood, California, featured official selections that screened as part of Le Marché du Film during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Host & Award Winner Eugneia Kuzmina

The Los Angeles premiere of “A Mini Movie” featured a collection of shorts featuring interviews with celebrities on various topics, including shorts “Love Doubled” ( What is your interpretation of the meaning of love? How do you show love?; “Yes or No Yin Yang” ( How often do you ask someone a question and you’re not certain if their response was really a yes or no? Share ways of saying no or yes depending on the subjects or situation;  “15 Seconds of Fame” ( If you had 15 seconds of fame, what would you want it to be? What is fame-worthy?; “My Dog Expressions” ( All about dogs…plus you. Be creative; and “Sequel” ( What’s next in your life? What do you want to be remembered for?

Following the screening was a special ceremony to honor award recipients Eugenia Kuzmina, Concrete Dream Film Festival creative director Clinton H. Wallace, Suzan Hughes, Joyce Chow, Gloria Kisel, and others.