Swiss actor Elijah Knight will star in the new horror short film Detox Inn, which will be shot this month in Engadin Graubünden. The plot follows Sandra, a young influencer who retreats to a remote hotel in the Alps for a “digital detox.” She soon realizes that something is wrong with the hotel and its owner.

The film is directed by Andreas Elsener, known for Monte Iato – La storia di uno scavo. Its picturesque setting Engadin is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe, reaching 1,800 meters. Filming will take place in the notorious Hotel Fex in Sils, with additional days of filming to take place in Davos.

 “What an honor to be shooting in my father’s home state. Just like the Hockey Club Davos at the Spengler Cup Tournament, I shall have home ice advantage on this shoot,” says Knight.

The film is financed by seven cultural foundations in the canton of Graubünden.  Detox Inn is director Andreas Elsener’s third film to be shot in Graubünden, where he also shot Bounty for Bernadette and Druckabfall in the canton.

On June 14, the short film Dracula, Son of the Devil, for which Knight won the supporting actor award at the Best International Film Festival, will also premiere at Quinnie Cinema in Berne. The plot revolves around Vlad the Impaler and his wife, who is murdered by his brother Radu (played by Knight) during their marriage. Vlad is condemned to eternal life until he finds the reincarnation of his wife, and he wanders the land satisfying his bloodlust for more than 500 years until he finds her. In this role, Knight won Best Supporting Actor at the Best International Film Festival in 2024.

Knight’s most recent credits include the thriller The Safe and the hit TV series Unbreak My Heart. In 2021, he was named Best Actor at the Couch Film Festival in Toronto. In theater, he appeared in The American Dream and Die Glasspur, and in the Swiss Army Comedy Show in Zurich. He stars in the new TV series Miss Fallaci, about the life of writer Oriana Fallaci (played by Miriam Leone), directed by Giacomo Martelli.