Soap opera star Sonia Satra, who recently launched her debut book, titled “What If It Were Easy,” and kicked off the new year with a celebration held on January 10, 2024 at Hyperion Public in Silverlake.  Known for her roles in “One Life to Live” and “Guiding Light,” Satra brings her wealth of experience to inspire and motivate readers in achieving their New Year’s resolutions. The book is a compelling guide that combines Satra’s personal insights with practical advice, encouraging individuals to overcome challenges and make positive changes in their lives. Whether you’re a fan of her performances on the screen or seeking a source of inspiration for the upcoming year, “What If It Were Easy.”

Entertainment journalist Michael Maloney moderated a great conversation where he revealed that he was on a journey to explore some new opportunities including stand-up comedy and comedy script writing and offered Sonia’s tools to help him change his mindset using movement.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JAN 10, 2024: Sonia Satra, Michael Maloney at Sonia Satra’s Book Launch Party for her book What If It Were Easy at Hyperion Public.

Sonia helped show Michael how to shape your life using the power you’ve already had. “Combine the power of mindset and exercise to attract what you want most into your life.,” said Sonia Satra. She also explained further about her unique tool Moticise, or “manifesting through movement,” and how it is a fun, powerful way to take big steps toward your most exciting goals (not to mention, you’ll get that toned, fit body you’ve always wanted!).

Sonia Satra with IEM Editor-In-Chief Nicole Goesseringer Muj

Sonia Satra is a mindset and fitness thought leader who specializes in personal transformation by integrating the mind, body, and emotion to create lasting change. As the founder &CEO of Moticise, an Award-Winning lifestyle wellness program that combines movement with mindset, Sonia travels the world helping people reach their own personal greatness.

With over 10,000 hours of onscreen and stage acting, the former star of “Guiding Light,” and “One Life to Live,” she has also guest-starred in an upcoming Netflix Mini-Series, “Gretzky’s Office, American Dynasty,” and the Emmy-winning “The Men Who Built America.”  A certified coach and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, Sonia is also a holistic health coach and certified fitness instructor. Formerly, the president of the National Speakers Association NYC, Sonia also founded Women’s Empowerment Adventures, a company that combines a coaching workshop with a physical challenge such as kayaking, trapeze, and rock-climbing. She continues to offer Adventures through Moticise, as well as keynotes, break-out sessions, and corporate presentations.