Anoushka Shankar entertained a truly captive audience on Sunday evening at The Soraya, the last stop of her latest North American tour. The 90-minute concert by the The Anoushka Shankar Quintet, with no pauses, seemed to hypnotize the world music lovers in attendance, leaving them wanting for more. The masterful sitarist and band members delivered a performance that was spiritual, enlightening, and inspiring.

The nine-time Grammy nominee and youngest-ever nominee in the world music category, Anoushka incorporates traditional Indian and modern electric music into her work, producing a unique sound that transcends genres.
Daughter of acclaimed musician Ravi Shankar, Anoushka‘s exposure to world cultures – from her upbringing in Delhi to her travel throughout the United Kingdom and Southern California – has placed her at the forefront as an activist, human rights ambassador, and highly sought after musician. Her mastery across styles has led to collaborating with a wealth of talented and popular musicians like Nina Simone, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Sting.

Anoushka’s new album, Ch.I: Forever, For Now, was released in early October. Produced by the Grammy-decorated singer and composer Arooj Aftab, recorded by Antonio Pulli at Berlin’s LEITER Studio, and mastered by the great Heba Kadry, Ch.I: Forever, For Now is the first chapter in a trilogy of mini-albums, each exploring moments in time.

The artist’s European tour begins in April 2024. We patiently will await her return to The Soraya, which hopefully will not be too far away.

Photos courtesy of Anoushka Shankar.