ScreenHits TV, an intuitive UK-based super aggregator, announced today that it has raised an impressive $6M in Series A funding, to date. The consumer-facing platform plans to conduct an additional round of funding on Crowd Cube in an effort to give back to both their customers and the general public. 

Spearheaded by The Hollywood Reporter veteran and tech entrepreneur, Rose Adkins Hulse, the free service was developed to provide consumers with a single and easy to use interface that combines their pre-existing streaming subscription services, videos, and live channels. 

Slated to launch for public use _____, ScreenHits TV is committed to minimize streaming fatigue and content overload within the growing number of streaming services available on the market. Backed largely in part by investor, Edward Mackay, this round of funding will be primarily used to expand into new markets and create brand awareness, with heavy emphasis placed on advertising and market efforts. 

“I knew that raising capital would be challenging, but never fully understood the extent of the obstacles that I would have to overcome as Black female entrepreneur,” says ScreenHits TV CEO, Rose Adkins Hulse. “I am incredibly grateful for the relationships previously facilitated with brands like Warner Media, who saw the value of the product created, rather than the person behind it. I hope that my successes in funding will give other women the courage to continue to push for their dream, no matter the size of the roadblocks ahead.”

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