Gravitas Ventures’ drama/thriller BREAK directed by Will Wernick, stars Darren Weiss (Inside Man, Tin Soldier, Bardejov), Victor Rasuk (Reasonable Doubt, Netflix’s The Baker and The Beauty, HBO’s How To Make It In America), Jeff Kober (The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy), Caleb Emery (Good Girls, Hunters) and Patricia Belcher (Father Stu, 500 Days Of Summer), hits theaters across North America on April 26th.  The film’s supporting cast includes Braedyn Bruner, Uriah Shelton (Freaky), Wendy Braun (Atypical), and Suzen Baraka (Blue Bloods).

BREAK is a powerful underdog story with a lot of heart, reminiscent of 21 and 8 Mile,” states Gravitas Vice President, Bill Guentzler. The Showdown Productions feature, which will hit MetaMedia and its cinema partners across North America on April 26th, will then be followed by a digital release on June 11th across VOD, iTunes, Amazon, with more to be announced.

The film follows Eli, played by Darren Weiss, as he juggles two jobs and tries to juggle taking care of his sister and mother, and relationship. A series of unexpected events Introduces him to the world of Detroit Pool where he learns his absent father was once a pool hall legend. Eli journeys into the scene, and confronts the realities and danger of the game – and himself. 

IEM had a chance to interview Darren Weiss in advance of the film’s premiere.

Photo Credit: Meir Shavit

What drew you to this film? What drew me to the film was this idea of a world Inside a pool hall that is isolated from the outside world and all the interesting characters from different walks of life that come together in a very welcoming way.

How did you hear about this script or project ? This was a project that I came up with from the ground up. Attached some writers who saw the vision then sent it around the industry to get some different thoughts on it.

What excites you most about this movie? I think what excites me most about this movie is that there are so many relatable characters from different backgrounds dealing with different things and how they navigate their daily lives while

What will people take away from your character in this film? Dealing with different obstacles.

What was the training for this character like? Training was fun. I worked with a pool professional for about three hours a day, three days a week for three months to prepare for this role.

Were you always a fan of pool? I always enjoyed playing pool with friends at bars, but never was one to gravitate or take interest until this movie.

How different are you from this character? Any similarities? I think I’m both a lot alike and different from ‘Eli’. I definitely struggled with my identity of who I was growing up, and was uncomfortable in my own skin a lot like Eli. I’m different in the sense of what I struggled with compared to what he did, but could for sure relate from within with those feelings.

What was your goal with this performance ? My goal with this performance was to show people who may be struggling with similar struggles to Eli, that they aren’t alone, and it gets better when you call on the ones closest to you, and just be who you are.

What is your goal as an actor? My goal as an actor is to continue to be challenged with roles of characters with unique history or background and to show all their colors.

Do you enjoy producing? I do enjoy producing, it’s very stressful but being able to oversee everything with the help of my team of producers lets you learn and know what’s going on at all times.

What was the filming  process like for this movie? The filming process was great. We shot three weeks in LA and one week in Detroit. One full week inside the pool hall.

What movie / movies have most inspired you? The movies that most inspired me are Good Will Hunting, Never Back Down, Shawshank ​Redemption and ​don’t laugh, but Star Wars episode 2.


Featured Photo: Meir Shavit