Zev Norotsky

As the world is at war with COVID-19, creative marketing guru and founder of brand incubator entity ENTER, Zev Norotsky has launched Bunkr, a membership subscription box service, arming consumers with the survival essentials and gear necessary for emergency situations.  

Herrlof Paracord Grenade Hand Sanitizer

As the pandemic became a reality, Norotsky immediately conceptualized the idea for Bunkr, collaborated on design, and brought on product partners, to create and launch the new subscription box.

Norotsky comments, “ENTER has always been a brand incubator at the forefront of culture and whether it’s on behalf of one of our major brand partners like AB InBev, AT&T, lululemon or ultimately ourselves, we aren’t about to let this crisis keep us down.”

The first shipment, which can be preordered at www.bunkr.club for $249, will be presented in a stylish footlocker container, stocked with over 40 curated essentials, including face masks, hand sanitizers, rubber gloves, USB chargers, canteens, and much more. In future months, subscribers will receive exclusive product offerings, refills and additions to their initial kit, with subsequent boxes available for $49.  Plans to expand internationally are in the works.

A portion of all sales will be donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to supporting food banks and pantries across the United States.