Beginning December 1st, MirrorWater Entertainment is pleased to present an exclusive virtual screening starting December 1st of the new highly anticipated six-part documentary series Wonder Women: Shaping the Future about six young women from around the globe working in underrepresented industries who are redefining the contributions of women to build a better future. The series will be available to stream on the MWE website either by purchasing tickets for individual episodes or through an all access pass.  

“I’m so excited to debut Wonder Women: Shaping the Future to global audiences,” comments Rose. “The series has been a true labor of love for me and everyone involved, and I cannot wait to share the stories of these amazing women with the whole world.”

MirrorWater Entertainment Co-founder Christina Rose


In addition to the virtual screening event,  a free panel series that includes the filmmakers and those involved with the production will be presented beginning December 3, 2021. The 11-part online interview series will premiere at 5 pm PST /8 pm EST on MWE’s official YouTube channel.  ( 

Debuting on December 12th, the finale panel titled The REAL Wonder Women will feature a discussion with all of the women spotlighted in the series, moderated by Chris Schwartz. For the very first time, the women will meet each other, talk about their journeys, and share stories of their life adventures.

Anny Divya

Wonder Women: Shaping the Future is about young women making a major impact serving in leadership positions in underrepresented industries. The series defines underrepresented where 15% or less of a given profession has women in key positions. Featured in the series are a fisherwoman out of Alaska (Marie Rose), an Astronaut trainee from Germany (Suzanna Randall), a race car driver from Hungary (Vivien Keszthelyi), a Puerto Rican Baseball player (Diamilette Quiles Alicea), a musical conductor from China/New Zealand (Tianyi Lu) and a Boeing 777 pilot from India (Anny Divya). Each episode focuses on one of the women — their journey, their hardships, their impact and what they hope to achieve for future generations.

Marie Rose

MWE’s CEO/co-founder Christina Rose is an American-German director, producer, and screenwriter and is part of the new Hollyworld Movement, bringing entertainment to the global world. She has worked in North America, Europe, Africa (the famous Atlas Studios in Ouarzarzate), and Asia. Together with her brother Michael, she co-founded MWE.

Rose has produced a number of documentaries and TV shows for the international market and has recently completed Wonder Women: Shaping the Future. For more information on the virtual screening, visit