Meet & Greet, an event organized by The Actors Home and Crawford Talents during the 77th Cannes Film Festival, was attended by actors, producers and directors with the goal of creating connections and opportunities. Among the actors were Jovana Stevic, star of Los Alamos and director of the Japanese-Serbian Film Festival; Nicole Ansari-Cox (What a Feeling); Guido Broscheit, star of the series My Life – Secrets and Passions and the new thriller Fade to Grey; director and screenwriter Lauand Omar (Curse of Mesopotamia); Mara Luka, star of All Clowns Are Bastards; Samuel Ourabah, who starred in episodes of Snowpiercer and Clem; Nikita Rozenko, from the film Project X-Traction;  Giovanna Nodari, actress of the TV series Another Monday and director of the short film Decent People.

“The Actors Home is a community for actors from all over the world. It is a safe place for actors to be, to connect, to ask industry questions, and to basically work together as a group to grow their careers, to network, to meet each other, and to be part of our beautiful industry,” says Luci Lenox. “I created a group during the pandemic because so many actors were at home and they were completely lost. And then after the pandemic, we made it into this platform because I didn’t want to be on social media. I wanted it to be a much safer place. It’s a private platform that we started just over two years ago.”

The Actors Home now has members from 62 countries. Lenox adds, “We help people when they move to new countries to connect with the acting community.”

“We help actors come together like today to talk, to meet, and to share their experiences. After Berlin, the Cannes Film Festival is the ideal place to gather talent. There are so many actors who come on their own and then they wander around at the beginning of the festival feeling they don’t feel important. An event like Meet & Greet serves to bring actors together and make them feel like they’re part of something.”