Melissa McAvoy’s Luxury Experience & Co recently presented an exclusive gifting lounge in Beverly Hills that celebrated all things women’s health and wellness where celebrities, influencers, athletes, and press flocked to Spring Place.

Dana Lyn Baron

Guests were welcomed with amazing and luxurious gifts provided by celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso, Nu Estetica Spa, Douma Fitness, Yes, Athletics, Protege Footwear, OCA, Everlasting ComfortThis Is How You Vagina by author Nicole Williams, Solluna by Kimberly Snyder, Freeman Formula Supplements, SUPPORT PTCL immune booster, Dawn of the EarthHypnomagnetism’s Richard Garnier, Lit Yoga, Dr. J’s Natural PCA and wellness products, YJack Apparel, ZenWTR, Lady & Larder, and many more brands supporting women’s health. 

Richard Garnier, Ph.D., Eugenia Kuzmina, Thierry Pillet
Photo: Tshombe Sampson
IEM’s Nicole Muj visits Dr. Busso

Luxury Experience & Co selected an amazing and diverse group of talent to attend such as Being The Ricardo’s star Dana Lyn Baron, actress/model Eugenia Kuzmina, actress/model Erika Stasiuleviciute, producer Cindy Cowen, producer America Cassidy Gard, Paramount Network’s American Woman star Diandre Lyle, Dreamworks Television’s OMG star Samantha Gangal, Latin Grammy winner Paulina Aguirre, Olympic wrestler Laura Louive, Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale Kelly Jenrette, influencer/reality star CJ Franco, actress/TV host Caitlin O’Connor, Power Rangers star Jacqueline Scislowski, first female NFL coach Jen Walter, and many others.

Erika Stasiuleviciute with Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen
Photo: Tshombe Sampson
IEM’s Nicole Muj and Sepideh Eivazi,
Dawn of the Earth
Video Credit: Steven Sievers/Bionic Buzz | Interviews by Virág Vida.

Featured Image: Caitlin O’Conner, Luxury Experience & Co Founder Melissa McAvoy and CJ Franco.