L’Œil d’Or jury, comprised of Nicolas Philibert, Dyana Gaye, Elise Jalladeau, Francis Legault and Mina Kavani, have named the 2024 L’Oeil d’Or documentary award recipients. The awards were presented on Friday, May 24th in the Salon des Ambassadeurs at the Palais des Festivals. From 22 documentaries in consideration, awards were presented to:

Ernest Cole: Lost and Found by Raoul Peck
Jury’s note: « A film that follows the journey of a young South African photographer during the
apartheid era. In 1967, at the age of 27, Ernest Cole published a book on the horrors of his
country’s regime, the publication of which forced him into exile in the United States and Europe,
never to return to his native country. Based on a few testimonies, but even more on the artist’s
own words and the extraordinary photographic work recently rediscovered in a Swedish bank,
the director tells the story of the wanderings of this fragile, rebellious artist, the loneliness and
despair that slowly consumed him to the point where he gradually gave up photography. This
tragic destiny, using Ernest Cole’s own words and pictures, deeply moved us… »

Les Filles du Nil by Nada Riyadh and Ayman El Amir
(Rafaat einy il sama – The brink of dreams – EGYPT / FRANCE / DENMARK / QATAR / SAOUDI ARABIA – 1h42
– LA SEMAINE DE LA CRITIQUE) Production Felucca Films
Jury’s note: « The second takes us to a Coptic village in southern Egypt, in the footsteps of a
small group of girls who rebel by forming a street theater troupe. Dreaming of becoming
actresses, dancers or singers, they try to find their place, defying their families and the
patriarchal traditions of their country. A film both simple and luminous, that could almost look
like “a walk in the park”, but instead shows us the complexity of their struggle to conquer
freedom, and the turbulences generated around them. »