Inspired by the tragic events that occurred in Israel on October 7th, Israeli/American singer and songwriter Sima Galanti has released her new spiritual song Devotion, while staying true to her rock, edgy sound.

Watch the video now at Sima Galanti- Devotion (Official Music Video) (

On Oct 7th, Sima’s life turned upside down due to Hamas’ brutal massacre in her homeland. 

”The horrific massacre, the heartbreaking hostages’ situation, the rocket attacks and the war we were forced into, on top of the growing Antisemitism in America and around the world, shook me to my core,” comments Sima.  “I felt like my life crumbled at that moment. I felt so much grief, pain, sadness, fear, and anger that I was isolating myself and sinking into a dark hole, I knew that I needed to process all these difficult and painful emotions constructively and creatively and heal through music, and so, I decided to release a beautiful and spiritual song titled Devotion.”

Penned by Sima, the rock genre song features lyrics in English, as well as in Hebrew, which were adapted from a prayer from The Book of Psalms of The Bible.

“In the lyrics, I chose to change the word “praise” to “prayers” in the phrase O Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall say your prayers,” comments Sima. “To me, it felt more like a call for help, a call for God to hear my prayers. I then wrote verses in English and melody around this prayer. I wanted to create a song that also focuses on gratitude and expresses my connection to God, my faith, my roots, and my life journey.”

She adds, “Devotion starts very meditatively like a prayer, a form of chant, and is built up into a powerful and intense rock song with heavy guitars and a bass line that captures my emotional turmoil.”

The song is produced by Sima and Evan Rodaniche, who also mixed and mastered the track. The accompanying music video is directed and produced by Sima, with cinematography in Jerusalem by Asi Cohen, drone footage in Israel by Roei Fridman, studio footage by Evan Rodaniche, and editing by Michael Marom.

Devotion is available now on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and all other major music streaming platforms.  Click Here to stream/download the song now, or listen via the song’s music video at Sima Galanti- Devotion (Official Music Video) ( 

The accompanying music video captures the essence of Israel, the Jewish people, the deep faith, spirituality, and connection to the land and God. We see Sima and others praying at the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where many written wishes and prayers to God are placed into the cracks of the wall.

The video features footage that blends beautifully with the drone shots in old Jaffa/Tel Aviv, the magical sunsets, the crashing ocean waves, and the mountain trails towards the worn-out and ripped Israeli flag. The powerful visuals symbolize Sima’s life journey and her troubled homeland, leading up to the musical climax of the song.

“I’d like to empower and encourage positivity and strength with this song,” she concludes. 

“Through my music, I’m transforming my pain into hope and positivity and I hope that Devotion can give hope, uplift, and inspire others around the world.

About Sima Galanti  Fortified by the flames of trials, tribulations, and triumphs, Sima Galanti ignites rock with an incendiary spirit of her own and powerful messages of positivity and strength. Born in Israel and based in Los Angeles, the singer, songwriter, producer, and documentarian came to America with a dream of a better life and freedom to be herself.

Inspired by everyone from Massive Attack, Bjork, and The Cranberries to A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Pearl Jam, and Alanis Morissette, she has cultivated a style of her own. Along the way, the songstress also diligently and carefully studied the craft, working under the guidance of top vocal and acting coaches in New York City, including Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, Bono, Christina Aguilera, and many others), as well as Melissa Cross (Dave Draiman from Disturbed, Anthrax, Bring Me The Horizon, Gojira, Lamb Of God, and Maroon 5). She eventually settled in Los Angeles.

Making her debut in 2009 with the single Breaking Down The Walls, she unveiled her first full-length album This Is My Truth in 2012 and the EP Beautiful Liar in 2014. In 2020, Sima hit the ground running with fists raised, eyes open, and heart blazing with her single Runaways. Hyper-charged guitars roar between an arena-ready beat offset by scorching synths. The rebellious song is about staying true to who you are and having faith in what you believe in. Runaways represent individuality, empowerment, transformation, and freedom.

Sima also released an acoustic version of Runaways, which later was followed by an edgy version of the 1983 Pat Benatar classic hit song Love Is A Battlefield. She added her touch to the song, bringing attitude with a gritty vocal performance, heavy guitar, and propulsive electronics, she sharpened the song’s edge.

That year, Sima also released a rendition of the song The Syndrome by Grey Daze, and in 2021, she released a rendition of the 1984 Madonna classic hit song Material Girl. In 2023 Sima released an original single titled Angel. Devotion marks her latest work.  

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