Generation Iron, the premier New York City-based global digital media company focused on health, fitness, bodybuilding and strength sports and its distribution/production partner The Vladar Company have acquired worldwide distribution rights for the award-winning, feature documentary Driven: The Tony Pearson Story.

Winner of the Grand Prize, Best Documentary Feature at the 2023 Golden State Film Festival, the documentary is set to premiere on major streaming platforms in all English language speaking territories, including Apple, Amazon, Google Play and VUDU, on October 6, 2023.

Driven: The Tony Pearson Story details the life and career of legendary bodybuilder Tony Pearson, documenting the abuse he suffered as a child and overcame, his eventual journey to Los Angeles, and his incredible career in bodybuilding. The film follows Tony as returns to the stage in Las Vegas, at 63 years old, for one last competition.

“Generation Iron and The Vladar Company are widely known for their original productions in the health and sports genre,” comments Edwin Mejia Jr, co-founder and head of content, Generation Iron. “We also occasionally acquire high quality content for distribution. When we first discovered Driven: The Tony Pearson Story, we immediately wanted to share Tony’s incredible and inspiring life story with our extensive network of passionate fans of fitness, sports and bodybuilding.”

Tony Pearson first came to California at the age of 19 with only 75 dollars to his name. At the world famous Muscle Beach, Arnold Schwarzenegger saw Tony training and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a champion. Tony went on to become a legend in the bodybuilding community, winning multiple titles over four decades in the AAU, WBBG, WABBA, IFBB and NABBA organizations all over the world. He has been featured in fitness and lifestyle magazines around the globe and has made many television appearances over the years. In 2020, Tony came out of retirement for one last competition.

The film’s official trailer is also available now:

“The whole team is thrilled to present this documentary that dives deep into the extraordinary life of Tony Pearson, a true icon of the golden era of bodybuilding. This film, based on Tony’s own memoir, not only chronicles his remarkable career in the world of bodybuilding but also sheds light on the profound challenges he overcame during his harsh upbringing in the Deep South. ‘Driven’ is a story that exemplifies the extraordinary power of resilience and determination, and transcends the confines of the sport to inspire audiences worldwide,” comments the film’s director Andrew Menjivar, founder of Tequila Mockingbird Productions.

“Partnering with Generation Iron to release this documentary adds an exciting dimension to the project. Their dedication to showcasing the best of bodybuilding aligns perfectly with our mission to honor Tony’s legacy and showcase his journey to a global audience. I think this collaboration will bring Tony’s story to the forefront of the bodybuilding community and beyond, reminding us that the human spirit can conquer adversity and achieve greatness,” adds Menjivar.

The film also features commentary by Fabio, with whom Tony trained and competed early on, American actor James Maslow (Big Time Rush), the late Eric P. Fleishman (a.k.a. Eric the Trainer), a top Hollywood fitness expert and ambassador for Celebrity Sweat and Gold’s Gym, and celebrity chef and military veteran Andre Rush, among others.

Widely known for its films in the fitness and strength sports space, Generation Iron’s top titles include Generation IronThe Hurt BusinessRonnie Coleman: The KingandJeremy Scott: The People’s Designer.

About Tony Pearson – Tony Pearson is a luminary of the 1980s bodybuilding scene whose legacy continues to inspire to this day. Renowned for his exceptional shoulder-to-waist ratio, Pearson’s physical prowess stands as a testament to the pinnacle of the sport’s aesthetics. Often likened to the iconic Michael Jackson, his presence transcends muscle, exuding an electrifying charm that captivated audiences worldwide.

With over three decades of dedication, Pearson’s impact on bodybuilding is undeniable. His accolades include the prestigious NABBA Pro Mr. Universe and the esteemed WBBG Mr. World titles. Beyond the accolades, his sculpted form graced the covers of revered magazines, becoming a visual anthem of his dedication and achievement.

Yet, beneath the triumphs lies a story of transformation. Pearson’s foray into bodybuilding emerged from a harrowing childhood marked by unimaginable abuse inflicted by his own Aunt, who became his guardian at a very young age. Bodybuilding became his refuge, not only offering an escape but a path to reclaim his life. Tony Pearson’s journey encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit, turning scars into strength and sculpting a legacy that extends far beyond the stage.

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