On January 30, 2021 at 12 p.m. PST, Cloud 21 International (www.cloud21.com) and Kultura PR International (www.kulturapr.com) presented the fourth installment of “Indie Entertainment Showcase,” a special virtual event held during the festival in Park City.

The online event, watched by the global entertainment community, featured a lively discussion with COO FilmFestivals.com Bruno Chatelin, filmmaker/screenwriter Eva Lanska, author/journalist and creative consultant for Darren Star’s Emily in Paris Rebecca Leffler, German American producer and co-founder MirrorWater Entertainment Christina Rose, and Kamila Tarabura, director of award-winning short film Into The Night. Emmy-winning, former Access Hollywood reporter and co-founder of The Content Artists Tony Potts moderated the event.

The replay of the event is available to view at:  www.cloud21.com/parkcity2021  

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 One Minute Sizzle:

Highlights included:

On managing during the time of COVID.

“We all miss what we miss about life, which is human interaction and especially, film festivals… Yes, It’s about screening films and the artistry…. I feel badly for the younger generation of filmmakers who this year won’t be able to show their films, screen them in Sundance, and see the audience crying or laughing or feeling emotion… That’s why you make films…”– Rebecca Leffler

Kamila Tarabura about her film ‘Into The Night.’

“This story is about a teenage, withdrawn, shy girl was somehow close to me. My sister is 15 years younger than me, and I thought that it’s somehow important to tell this story for my sister and her generation.” – Kamila Tarabura

Eva Lanska about her new project.

“I wish all of us can come back to a normal life…We cannot stop creating during lockdown.” – Eva Lanska  (During the panel, Lanska announced the world premiere of her new romantic short film series Motek, which will launch on It’s a Short on Valentine’s Day.)

Advice to young filmmakers.

“Persistence and determination because it takes time, and there are going to be a lot of “NOs”, but the thing is, that should not discourage anybody, it should encourage you to keep on going.” – Christina Rose

“Don’t take “NO” for an answer and fight for it…. Try to talk to the person who has the power to say “YES”…. Believe in your ‘star,’ because things happen, fairytales happen, at film festivals, mostly.” – Bruno Chatelin

About Storytelling in shows like Call My Agent or Money Heist.

All of these have themes that real people with real emotions would go through, so the connectivity of that, and I think that’s part of the beauty of film as well, when you can tap into something…. What really works are the opportunities or those emotions that people can relate to. It’s not manufactured. – Tony Potts

COO FilmFestivals.com Bruno Chatelin is a graduate of HEC MBA and spent 10 years with the prestigious international advertising agencies JWT, Masius, and Publicis. He then became a film distributor and launched some 250 films as marketing director for Columbia TriStar and served as managing director for UGC FOX. He was recognized as an innovative marketing expert and named by Film Français as one of the top film personalities when he merged the leading theatre chain UGC and Fox.

Bruno went on to become an Internet entrepreneur and co-founded several companies, including filmfestivals.com that became a global leader in festival news and a partner of major festivals and markets. He contributed to the business development of an audiovisual studio center in Cherbourg led by Eicar Group.

He runs a film consulting boutique agency where he specializes in film marketing, international festival strategies and market presentations for Cannes, Berlin & AFM, and others. Today, he serves as COO of filmfestivals.com, while curating the ‘Best for Fests’ section.

Eva Lanska is a London-based director and screenwriter. After graduating from the London Film Academy, Eva has focused on producing both documentary and fiction films. She has directed several award-winning films recognized throughout Europe and America. Across her films, Eva studies the concepts of acceptance and love in challenging circumstances. She poses pressing questions to direct her audience to reflect on the choices to be made, putting themselves in the shoes of her protagonists.

Her previous film, Little French Fish, starring British actors Jonas Khan and Devora Wilde, draws attention to the global stigma against interracial marriages through the relationship of an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim man.  In 2020, Little French Fish was selected by one of the world’s oldest and largest Jewish festivals, the Washington Jewish Film Festival. Her previous picture Okay, Mum, won Best Picture at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was selected for the Short Film Corner at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. She recently announced her first feature I Am Not An Actress, inspired by the philosophy of Brigitte Bardot.

Rebecca Leffler is an author and journalist based in Paris. Rebecca is the former France correspondent of The Hollywood Reporter, film critic on the Canal+ network’s hit show ‘Le Grand Journal’ and film correspondent on France 24. She has published four books focused on healthy lifestyle and cooking.

She was a creative consultant to Darren Star for his #1 Netflix series Emily in Paris. She is currently Editorial Lead, Brand Content at Publicis Luxe and also works with the Marché du Film (Cannes Film Festival) and Canneseries TV Festival.

CEO/Co-founder MirrorWater Entertainment LLC Christina Rose is an American-German director, producer, and screenwriter and is part of the new Hollyworld Movement, bringing entertainment to the global world. She has worked in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria), Africa (the famous Atlas Studios in Ouarzarzate), and Asia (India’s Bollywood). Together with her brother Michael, she co-founded MirrorWater Entertainment LLC (MWE).

Prior to setting up a production company, Christina worked at such prestigious companies as Arad Productions (The Amazing Spiderman), Exclusive Media (Rush, Ides of March), in distribution at ZDF-Enterprises, where she has developed numerous projects with Michael Hirst (Vikings) and William J. MacDonald (Rome). Most recently, she was an executive at the European network Sky, acquiring new projects for development.

Since starting MWE, she has produced a number of documentaries and TV shows for the international market and is currently finishing her anticipated six-part documentary series Wonder Women where we meet young women leaders in underrepresented industries around the world who are redefining leadership for a better future. 

Born in 1990, director/screenwriter Kamila Tarabura graduated from the Warsaw Film School and The Wajda School. Her short film debut Into The Night, produced by Munk Studio and Papaya Films, won “Best Short Live Action Film Award” at the 36th annual Warsaw International Film Festival, making it eligible for Academy Award consideration. Currently, she is developing her first feature film. She is also working with Nina Lewandowska, the writer of Into The Night, on an original coming of age drama series.

Kamila gained her film experience by making short fictional films, commercials, and music videos, as well as through her work as an assistant director, which includes the TV series Krew z krwi (Penoza) by Jan Komasa and the film High Life by Claire Denis. She is interested in themes of family and specifically, the mother-daughter relationship. Her cinematic storytelling focuses on an observation of human nature with a keen eye for unique characters and stories. 

Former Access Hollywood, Emmy-winning entertainment reporter Tony Potts moderated the over hour-long event. Known for his smart, casual, and engaging on-air style, Tony is an expert in live, breaking, no-script situations with the ability to connect and engage audiences while creating moments. 

He took that skillset into the international executive ranks co-creating, building, and launching two European companies with a focus on creating cutting-edge, audience engaging content. It’s a career built under intense daily scrutiny in a pressurized environment to analyze, execute & deliver world-class content to an audience of millions over a span of 4,000+ shows and 7,000 pieces of content.

Tony is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Content Artists, a hyper-efficient, innovative, and data-driven global content company specializing in real-time ROI while grabbing the attention of millions for its clients.
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