Premier film festival streaming platform Entertainment Oxygen (eo), the one-stop shop for indie film festivals and filmmakers, is celebrating the new year with announcement of three new topline international festival partners – Soho London Independent Film Festival (January 25-28, 2024), Auroville Film Festival in India (January 22-28, 2024) and Utah International Film Festival (February 12-17, 2024).

CEO/founder eo Apple TungFong comments, “We’re delighted to add these three high calibre festival partners to our rapidly growing roster of global fests. 2024 is poised to be an exciting year of expansion for Entertainment Oxygen with some important announcements coming soon.”

The go-to hub for all things surrounding movies and the festival circuit, Entertainment One is committed to redefining the indie film industry, providing its festival partners with comprehensive support. EO offers its festival partners live event ticketing, schedule, film guides; pass management; virtual screenings; Geoblocking/DRM software; self distribution/monetization; digital promotion; networking; centralized entertainment database; onsite voting; QR code scan capabilities; and sales data management. With these new additions, the company currently boasts 37 festival partners.

Warren Workman, founder of Utah International Film Festival adds, “It was important for us to provide a virtual option as part of our film festival. We had a long list of needs when choosing a virtual streaming partner. First, the films needed to be protected from piracy. Second, the viewing experience had to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Third, it had to be affordable. eoFlix checked all the items on our list and we look forward to our partnership with such an innovative company that has the filmmakers best interest in mind.”

Founded in 2021, Entertainment Oxygen – eoApp is a trusted streaming partner and the only platform that combines film festivals’ virtual screening hybrid solutions with direct networking, allowing users to interact with content creators. The platform provides a global community that empowers entertainers, executives, and all other media professionals to showcase their creative skills, and streamline the process from script to screen in ways never before imagined. Filmmakers can easily link the cast and crew with their film portfolios and create an interactive network to transform the way entertainment industry professionals connect around the world. The eo on demand feature is crafted with care and designed specifically for independent movies, unlocking their potential by generating revenue on eoApp.

Photo Courtesy of Utah International Film Festival.