Revisionist Western Feature by Filmmaker Viduran Roopan to Begin Festival Run in Early 2024

En Trance Films has released the official poster for the upcoming feature, The Company of Thieves, the announcement was made today by company founder Viduran Roopan.

Filmmaker Roopan’s first feature film, the ‘revisionist Western’* will premiere on the festival circuit early next year. The film stars Tony Noto (1923, Pam & Tommy, Flight 704), and Hunter C. Smith (Lucky) and international actress and opera singer Naomi Helen Weissberg (Into the Wild Frontier).

“First and foremost, I created The Company of Thieves to be a fun and thought-provoking adventure film,” comments Roopan. “My goal was to use familiar Western tropes and shooting styles as well as emerging in-camera VFX technology to drive the narrative forward in new and visually striking ways.”

The film challenges the themes found in traditional Westerns, and focuses heavily on how happiness is defined and how the institutions that govern us convince us that attaining material goals like fame, fortune, power or even revenge, will satisfy our hunger for purpose or meaning.

“I think the separation between society and the natural world perpetuates this disillusionment,” says Roopan. “We are products of our environment, after all. Not the other way around.”

The hypnotic film was shot in 21 days over seven months in California, Arizona and Nevada, featuring beautiful cinematic locations including South Lake Tahoe, Landers/Joshua Tree, Pyramid Lake, Malibu Creek, Lake Piru, among others. All the interior locations were filmed at White Horse Movie Ranch. The official trailer will be unveiled soon.

“We’ve travelled to some stunningly beautiful filming locations, and got the chance to experiment with cutting edge virtual production tools and LED volume technology. I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished, especially for my first film, and I can’t wait to share it with the world,” adds Roopan.

Filmmaker Viduran Roopan On Set With Castmembers

Australian-American filmmaker of Sri Lankan descent, Viduran Roopan is a rising star in the world of filmmaking. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Roopan has worked primarily as a producer of documentary programming and reality television, including the series Growing Up Hip Hop (WE TV) and The Fixers.

He has also worked in the production of feature films, commercials and music videos, as well as in live events and broadcast journalism. While producer has been his main role, he has worn many hats, including those of cinematographer, editor, and production manager/coordinator. Currently, Roopan works in the Virtual Production/VFX space with a focus on the research and development of emerging LED volume technology and in-camera VFX. He uses this technology to drive the narrative forward in new and visually striking ways in his current projects.

A graduate from the University of Georgia in communication studies and new media, he honed his craft over the years as a filmmaker and content creator, producing a wide range of short films, music videos, corporate videos, commercials, and docu-series. Currently, he has three completed feature length scripts in the works and treatments for additional features, scripted TV series, and shorts.

* The revisionist Western (also called the anti-Western, sometimes revisionist anti-Western) is a sub-genre of the Western film. Called a post-classical variation of the traditional Western, the revisionist subverts the myth and romance of the traditional by means of character development and realism to present a less simplistic view of life in the “Old West”. While the traditional Western always embodies a clear boundary between good and evil, the revisionist Western does not. – Wikipedia