Clinton H. Wallace, Rena Riffel and Joyce Chow

International film and art event founded by filmmaker/actress Rena Riffel, Concrete Dream Film Festival is currently taking place in the concrete jungle of West Los Angeles. The festival began on June 10 at AC Gallery in Hollywood with a special VIP reception and awards ceremony, and will continue through June 16.  Riffel’s team includes Clinton H. Wallace, co-artistic director of the festival and Joyce Chow, head of sponsorships.

The festival incorporates components of film installation and live and in-person film projection onto the screen, and will be catalogued in a limited edition hard cover book, created by Riffel and Wallace, that will be presented to the winners and official selection filmmakers.

Clinton H. Wallace and Rena Riffel

Concrete Dream Film Festival showcases the most inspiring and innovative works from visual artists from around the world, bringing awareness, recognition, and publicity to the films and their filmmakers.

Riffel comments, “By showcasing films and filmmakers who successfully break boundaries of commercialized formulas, we believe we can set an expansive example and create a wider appreciative audience which can make a positive impact on the arts and entertainment industries.”

Wallace adds “We’re interested in placing the spotlight on the works of progressive filmmakers and featuring films that are thought-provoking, innovative, inspiring and structurally different than the mainstream.”  

Joseph Aniska and Larry Traiger, Filmmakers Wondrous Life