The feature documentary by award-winning filmmaker Vlad Yudin follows retired champion boxer and celebrity nutritionist Cristy “Code Red” Nickel’s remarkable comeback to competitive bodybuilding at 46 years old. The film explores her intense preparation, struggles, and relearning of the sport, delving into her inspiring journey from poverty to millionaire and analyzes the contrast between bodybuilding and general weight loss.  Simultaneously managing her thriving fitness and wellness company, the film showcases Cristy’s dedication to transforming lives, providing a powerful testament to resilience and empowerment.

“We’re pleased to announce my latest documentary during Women’s History Month,” says Yudin. “Cristy’s return to the professional bodybuilding stage is both inspirational and aspirational, and we’re honored that she has trusted Generation Iron with her story.”

Nickel adds, “I’m thrilled to be working with Vlad Yudin and Generation Iron on this new documentary that chronicles my journey, following my dream to compete in women’s bodybuilding professionally once again in my mid-forties. I look forward to sharing my story with viewers, who hopefully will be empowered by the film.”

Sneak Peek Clip:

Cristy “Code Red” Nickel has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 27 years. During this time, she has established herself as a leader in the field and has made a name for herself as an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, former #2 world-ranked boxer, celebrity nutritionist, and an award-winning personal trainer.

Cristy Nickel began her life in the health and fitness industry in 1994. As an amateur bodybuilding competitor, she competed in three National Physique Committee competitions in the Figure Division and placed in the top five in each show. During this time, she studied exercise science at the University of Memphis.

Her career as a competitive bodybuilder would be short-lived, as Cristy transitioned to professional boxing in 2003. She fought in 15 pro-boxing matches across the world and was named one of the “Top 3 Most Dangerous Females on The Planet” by Ring Magazine. This spotlight eventually earned her a coaching role on MTV’s hit series MADE.

After her success as a series regular coach on MTV, Cristy moved to New York City and became a celebrity trainer, providing fitness guidance and expertise to top Hollywood celebrities, including Hilary Swank, PINK, Claire Daines, Cuba Gooding Jr., business CEOs, models, and professional athletes. She was awarded “New York’s Best Trainer” by Allure Magazine in 2008.

Cristy Nickel retired from boxing in 2010, and shortly thereafter launched her custom nutrition program, the Code Red Lifestyle, which has reached hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe, and has revolutionized the fitness and weight loss industry.

Filmmaker Vlad Yudin grew up in New York City where he would pursue his career in film. In 2009, Yudin formed The Vladar Company to create a platform for production and distribution of various feature and documentary projects. Some of his titles include Bradley Martyn: The Influencer, Generation Iron, Ronnie Coleman The King, The Hurt Business, Last Day Of Summer, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, and many chart topping sport documentaries over the course of the past 10 years. In 2014, Yudin directed the award-winning documentary, box office hit titled Generation Iron that went on to become among the top five highest grossing documentaries for the company.

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