Discovery Channel’s popular car show “Sticker Shock” will reach the season’s finish line with the  finale scheduled to air Wednesday, July 18 at 10PM ET/PT.

From cars you’ve always wanted, to cars you’ve never heard of, including Keller Super Chief, Blue Ray III, and Starcraft Starcruiser, host Dennis Pittsenbarger, along with professional appraisers Randy Carlson, Addison Brown, Nick Smith and Todd Wertman, investigate their history and condition to determine a price tag you won’t see coming.

In tonight’s finale, titled “Bulletproof, Gullwing Roof, Flaming Youth,” Pittsenbarger shepherds six cars through their appraisals.  Addison Brown gives a 1963 Ford Thunderbird a careful going-over.  Nick Smith appraises a 1955 Buick Custom with extensive and flashy modifications, including a flaming paint job.  Addison’s love of the great outdoors is tested by a 1964 Corvair Greenbrier camper, valued at more than $50K by its owner.  Todd Wertman goes toe to toe with Keith Bailey, owner of a brass-era 1910 Oakland Roadster.  Addison faces the difficult task of appraising a heavily customized 1939 Ford Coupe with gullwing doors.  Randy Carlson makes the call on whether an owner is right about J. Edgar Hoover’s bulletproof Cadillac limo, which he maintains is worth $3-4 million.  


“Sticker Shock” is produced for Discovery Channel by The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC). For IPC, Executive Producers are Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman. Showrunner Tod Mesirow Executive Produces as well, along with series Executive Producer Christopher Meindl. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is Kyle Wheeler with Producer Brian Peterson and Coordinating Producer Lindsay Malinchak.