Kate Elfatah reviews the documentary Boulevard: A Hollywood Story that just debuted on Peacock.

Gloria Swanson, famed for her role as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, saw the film as an opportunity to revive her career. She envisioned a musical adaptation and enlisted aspiring songwriters Dickson Hughes and Richard Stapley to help. As they worked together, their personal and professional lives intertwined, revealing echoes of Norma Desmond within themselves. Despite completing their musical interpretation, Broadway investors and Paramount Pictures turned them down. Swanson declared the project dead, leaving Hughes and Stapley in conflict. Hughes later turned their music into a cabaret act titled Swanson on Sunset, providing closure to their failed venture. Stapley reemerged, seeking to reclaim part of their legacy. Boulevard! A Hollywood Story chronicles their journey from Los Angeles to Palm Springs to New York, illustrating how this musical moment shaped their lives. This documentary is a must-watch for fans of classic Hollywood movies and stars. Watch now on Peacock.

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Featured Image: MovieStillsDB