The 2022 Venice Fashion Film Awards presented by Bakana Events were held on September 3rd with special afternoon and evening receptions held at the stunning Ausonia Hungaria Hotel in the Lido Venezia.

The afternoon event featured designs by London-based celebrity designer Venera Tabakin, while the evening was highlighted with the screening of Korean Metaverse short film, a fashion show featuring the designs of Korean/American designer Grace Moon, followed by a VIP after party.

Fashion Show featuring designs by Venera Tabakin.

The awards’ charitable partners included Indian NGO Goa Sudharop and Free A Girl

Grace Moon is a Korean American designer with over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Grace has always used her cultural background of being a Korean and an American living in Los Angeles for over 30 years, to blend the two to produce unique and vibrant designs. Grace places emphasis on the use of color, finding different ways and combinations to express moods, cultures, and looks. The designer places heavy emphasis on bringing different cultures and worlds together through fashion and she uses her designs, stage, and platform to represent and bring together all the unique and different cultures of the world.

Photos/Video Courtesy of Eliza Daniek and Bakana Events. Featured Image: Model with Mariana Bakana (right).