Author Aviva Reimer  is an expert in many facets of life. She is a personal development and life coach, a relationship counselor, a fitness and transformation specialist, and the founder of the “Perfect-Fit Elite Lifestyle & Introduction” firm.  Her new self-help book titled “Becoming The Total Package” was released earlier this summer.

In the book, Reimer explains that becoming the total package “means different things to different people. When it comes to our preferences in looks, personality, and character – we all have our own unique ways of seeing the world. However, challenges in life and heartbreak inevitably affects all of us in different ways. We may not always be emotionally or mentally equipped to deal with them, which is why we sometimes need a helping hand.”

IEM recently spoke with Reimer about her latest release.

I even love the name of your book without reading it. 

It was interesting because I was working with a fitness client and she watches me in action. We just connected. Some people you just connect with and I talk about that in the book. She came in one day and she said to me while I was thinking of a great name for the book. How do you describe everything it talks about? She said to me, “You know when I think of you, I have this word that comes to mind, which is ‘total’, because you do so many different things in so many different ways. It all comes together. You are like just like the total package.” I said, “Wait, what did you just say?” I said, ” That’s it, the total package.” Then I just tweaked it and it became, “Becoming The Total Package.” That’s what it is, and I love it too. That wasn’t an easy thing to come up with.

I agree. It’s difficult to come up with a title that is a meaningful way to describe a book. So how do I become the total package?”

You basically have to accept every part of your life and structure it in such away that you are optimizing towards a higher level. A lot of people have a lot of things together when it comes to their life. But there are always some things that are falling behind or not as good as maybe the other areas in your life. But the total package is somebody who definitely has an opened mind, somebody who takes good care of themselves, somebody who is non-judgmental and open to possibilities, has a strong emotional life view whether they’ve been supported most of their life or whether they’ve grown as a person as long as they get to that point. But somebody that can deliver and knows what the right decisions are. There’s just so many different components. In the book. I have chapters that touch upon every aspect of your life that can be optimized.

So, it’s not only a physical thing?

No it’s not. In fact, the physical thing is just one component. The biggest thing is self-awareness. The more self-aware you become of who you are and what you can expect from other human beings, the more you have an understanding of the kind of decisions you make. It’s definitely a process and I try to take people through that process in my book, like a recipe. I have a recipe, I speak from experience. I’ve been through things, I’ve lived it. So therefore, I am able to relate to people and show them how to get themselves out of that place. How to get yourself out of that negative hole I call it. 

I like that. You do a lot of things including fitness. Just blast me with all that you do.

Well, there are so many things about a person. There’s fitness, there is image, your clothing, your home space, there’s the people around you, there’s your intimate relationships. These are all aspects of a person’s life. You can try to just go at it alone sometimes and trip over things and there’s never anybody that can reach out to you to give you a hand. A lot of the times it doesn’t matter who is around or what’s happening you don’t have that kind of support from someone that can tell you the right things or say the right things to you to really pull you out. That’s a tough place to be. So when it comes to an individual there are so many things, like for example fitness is a huge mind discipline and retraining of your thoughts. There are endorphins. Just that you are showing up to train which builds accountability and confidence, you feel incredible when you’re done. Sometimes the motivation is not there for a lot of people but if you do it slowly you actually get there and that’s a huge component of the mind and the body just kind of follows. It sounds really simple but it’s not always just as simple as that.

I know, I visit the gym often, but not often enough. It can be addicting at times.

The more you go, the more addicting it becomes. There are  little tricks that you can do in order to just get yourself there because you’ll be better for it. You’ll be thankful that you did. I coach people to actually get into that kind of physical activity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the gym. It could be a brisk walk, it could be anything of a certain situation or environment that changes the energy. It’s very, very helpful. Another component is obviously your clothing and how you wear it. I mean everybody looks into the mirror and wants to like what they see. It doesn’t matter what size you are or anything like that but it’s important to feel confident and it’s important to like what you see. So, if you’re working out and making some changes about how you look like your style, these things are really important to enhance and bring that kind of confidence back to yourself. They are all tied together. If you’re starting a program and working out your body is going to change and you’re going to need new clothes. You’re not going to fit into things the same way, a small price to pay….you get to go shopping. Who doesn’t like to go shopping? So as much as it is hard work it’s also very rewarding. It’s a lot of fun.

How do you convince someone that they really need to read your book?

You know there are so many components here for anyone who is down. It’s also for people who are very successful but are not successful in love for example. They might be successful in their business and in their personal skills but they get very shy or they have fears of rejection, or maybe they just don’t know how to approach. Maybe they’ve been married for 30 years and now have to start over. The intelligence level is there and it doesn’t mean that they are not capable. It doesn’t matter how bright a person is. Everybody needs a little bit of help. Even myself. As much as I know what the right decisions are, and I talk about a lot of the stuff in the book, we all need somebody to reassure us that we are on the right track. This is not about being perfect, this is about being human and making the right decisions. I have my go to as well, my rock. I will call her and tell her the decisions I am making and tell her that I just need her ear for a minute. So you could be the most intelligent person in the world but you still can use some help with some direction or some reassurance.

When will the book be released?

The book is available on my website and on Amazon.

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